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We’ve raised £752 for the Stars Appeal MRI Campaign

At The Red Lion Hotel we’re proud to do our bit to support deserving local causes in need, helping to improve the lives of residents living in and around the City of Salisbury, where our hotel’s based. So when a campaign to raise money for a new MRI Scanner for Salisbury District Hospital came to our attention we didn’t hesitate in rallying the troops and doing all we could to raise funds towards the appeal’s £1.5 million donation target.


So far our efforts have raised £752 for the Stars Appeal MRI Scanner Campaign, which is chaired and championed by Consultant Surgeon, Mr Graham Branagan. In total it will cost a combined £1.5 million pounds to purchase this second MRI Scanner for the hospital, and the campaign has already received a boost from the local Salisbury community with everyone from patients, medical staff, and their respective families, among those to selflessly donate to this worthwhile and important cause.

Although Salisbury District Hospital already has one MRI Scanner, the machine is in constant use, and currently overwhelmed when it comes to patient numbers. Meaning some Salisbury residents are waiting weeks for an appointment to receive life saving scans, or having to travel greater distances, to other hospital districts, in order to get the urgent medical care and attention they need.


Just one more MRI Scanner within Salisbury District Hospital would enable Salisbury residents to be scanned faster, and the new technology would provide patients with the most sophisticated diagnostic testing, right at home on their doorstep. Alleviating the need for thousands of vulnerable, elderly and at-risk patients, suffering from cancer, heart conditions, strokes and chronic pain, from having to make the lengthy journey to alternative screening centres for medical treatment each year.

In fact, Salisbury District Hospital estimates that 10,000 more local patients could be screened with the addition of a second MRI Scanner. So please join us in supporting this incredibly deserving cause by donating anything you can to the Stars Appeal MRI Scanner Campaign and let’s make sure Salisbury District Hospital hit their £1.5 million target as soon as possible.


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