Small Wedding Ideas


Small Wedding Ideas

Many couples will be wondering how you’re supposed to plan a beautiful and memorable wedding with just 15 people in attendance.

With Covid restrictions biting hard, the wedding industry has taken a hit. However, we’re stronger than that! 15 people doesn’t mean no wedding, it means a more intimate day that you will remember for all the right reasons.

If you’ve been unsure whether to go ahead with your wedding despite restrictions or to cancel until a time in the future when you can have more people in attendance, hopefully the following small wedding ideas will persuade you that small weddings are just as special and as much fun as huge shindigs. In many ways, they are even better!

Here at The Red Lion Hotel, we’re used to helping couples create the perfect intimate wedding. As a small wedding venue located in scenic surroundings, we want to help you plan an amazing wedding for 15 people.

If you’re still not sure whether to press on or wait, questioning ‘why have a small wedding?’, let’s explore some low key wedding ideas that might help you make your decision.

Small Wedding Ideas1. Think About What You Really Want

Large weddings don’t leave a huge amount of scope for quirkiness. There are so many people in attendance that to keep things ticking along to schedule, you normally have to stick to tradition in many ways. Sure, you can mix things up here and there but one of the pros of a smaller wedding is that you can be as quirky or as ‘different’ as you want.

So, think about what you really want. Do you want to have your ceremony outside? Do you want a theme? Do you want to spend more time on your vows? What matters to you? This is your chance to really focus on the day and what it’s about. It’s not necessarily meant to be a huge party with countless people invited.

2. Live Stream The Important Parts

You’re allowed 15 people at your wedding under current guidelines, however that doesn’t mean everyone has to miss out! If you choose your key 15 and you were upset at the ones you couldn’t include, why not live stream the most important parts of your day?

Zoom has become huge news during and since the lockdown, why not utilise it at your wedding and have a virtual attendance as well as your chosen 15! This is one of the best small wedding ideas to get you around the limit on guests.

3. Personalise The Day

Small Wedding IdeasFewer guests and a smaller wedding in general means you have more time to plan the small details. You can personalise your day to a greater degree.

So, how about personalising the table plan with cute settings? Or choosing bespoke gifts for each guest as a wedding favour rather than going for the usual generic items that nobody is that bothered about?

You can also personalise the decorative elements in your wedding venue. You simply need to let your planners know beforehand. Intimate wedding ideas aren’t all about downscaling, they’re about making the most of the extra space and time.

4. Plan Your Arrangement More Creatively

When you have a large number of guests, it’s hard to have anything other than the regular type of layout for the ceremony. In that case, the couple stand at the front and the guests sit behind. However, when you have 15 guests, you can play around a little more.

If you want, your guests could sit around you in a circle, you could have semi circles, or they could even stand haphazardly if you want a more casual vibe about your ceremony. Whatever you want, having 15 guests will allow you to do it. In terms of small wedding ideas, this is one which will really help you to create a special feel to your day.

5. Focus on Food, Glorious Food!

Fewer guests means you can be more in-depth with your catering needs too. Who doesn’t love a gourmet, slap up meal? Really go to town with the meal and enjoy it together. This is one of the best wedding reception ideas for small weddings, and it allows you to bond together as a group, celebrating your wedding with a love of food!

All you need to do is gather any specific dietary requirements from your guests beforehand, which is extremely easy with just 15 guests, as opposed to hundreds.

6. Go For Quirky Extras

Your chosen 15 can have a serious treat if you think about added extras that you can all enjoy together. Our afternoon tea is seriously impressive and its one of our best-sellers.

You could also look into things to see and do around Salisbury on the day before or after your wedding. Whatever you and your guests enjoy, you can add it to your celebrations and enjoy it as a group. Small wedding ideas don’t all have to be mainstream!

7. Carry The Event Over to The Next Day

Booking accommodation at The Red Lion Hotel as a group means you can all reconvene the next day (probably with sore heads) to enjoy a breakfast together. This is infinitely easier and lower in cost than if you had a huge number of guests and makes the whole event far less stressful as a result.

Discover Red Lion Weddings

The Red Lion HotelThese small wedding ideas should have reassured you that it’s not the size of the wedding or the number of guests that matters, it’s what you do with your time and how creative you are with the planning.

At the end of the day, weddings are about the union of two people who love each other, the rest is just details.

For more details on weddings at The Red Lion Hotel, to book a show-around or if you just need a little advice from a friendly ear, why not contact our experienced wedding team on 01722 323334 or get in touch with our online enquiry form.

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