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10 Reasons For Having a Photo Booth at Your Wedding


10 Reasons For Having a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

Photo booths are a real talking point at weddings. They bring people together, give your guests a lovely souvenir to take home and give you even more precious memories.

Fortunately, there are lots of photo booth hire companies with options to suit all budgets, so let’s check out 10 of the best reasons to have a photo booth at your wedding.

1. Photo Booths Get People Mingling

You’re likely to have people from all different areas of your life in attendance at your wedding.

Many of these people probably don’t know one another, so a photo booth is a great way to gently push people together and it gives everyone something fun to talk about throughout the day.

2. Fun Props Give You Photos With a Difference

There’s something about a photo booth that brings out the crazy in people! It’s probably the props – hats, glasses, moustaches, you name it! These props can help to loosen people up and bring out their zany sides.

Etsy and Amazon are great places to look for prop inspiration.

3. Instant Photos to Share There And Then

Nobody wants to wait weeks for their photographer to send through the professional photos. You want to share them now!

You can do exactly that with a photo booth and give people their own personal copies instantly.

4. Templates You Can Customise

You can go even further with your wedding snaps by creating a customised template.

Add in some text, e.g. your wedding date, or anything else you want to immortalise on your photos.

5. Souvenirs For Your Guests

In a world of digital photographs, your guests will love having a printed photograph to take home with them to stick on their fridge or place on the mantlepiece.

6. Photographs For Your Wedding Guestbook

Wedding Guestbook

By printing two copies each time, there’ll be one for your guests to take home and one for your wedding guestbook.

The guests can then write their message in a space next to their photo.

7. Throw in Some Interesting Extras

The fun doesn’t stop with a few props. You can add some extras, such as a bubble machine or even a wind machine! Yes, you can be Marilyn Monroe if you want to be!

8. You Can Add in Video Messages Too

Many photo booths have the ability to record video messages too.

Cue plenty of happy tears as you watch them back over and over again in years to come.

9. You’re Creating Lasting Memories

For sure, regular wedding photos will help you to remember your big day, but there’s something extra special about moving away from the norm.

You’ll no doubt have your traditional photos and they will always be precious, but fun-filled, quirky snaps will bring a smile to your face.

10. Photo Booths are Very Affordable

Photo booths are cheaper than they’ve ever been before and there are countless options to suit your budget.

That means you can have some glam on a budget and make your wedding a day to remember on so many levels!

A Fun-Filled Wedding Day Awaits

Red Lion WeddingsYou’re no doubt looking forward to your big day and letting your hair down at the wedding reception – and why not? You’ve planned this day for months, perhaps even years!

Making your day as memorable as possible is important and a photo booth can help you to immortalise those precious memories in print.

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